Be Bold For Festival Season! 🎡🌸🎆

Be Bold For Festival Season! 🎡🌸🎆

Welcome babes!
This is my very first blog post and I am beyond excited to start off writing about my two passions in life: music and fashion. Every aspect of my day revolves around listening to EDM, finding new artists to listen to, and multi-tasking while shopping online. Such a bad addiction I know, but I can’t be stopped. Occasionally, I get to live out these two passions by emptying out my bank account and purchasing tickets to a music festival. (Cause yolo, I have serious FOMO and honestly making memories is far more important to me.)

Festivals like EDC, Ultra, and Tomorrowland are such empowering experiences were you’re submerged in an atmosphere of such friendly people spreading love and kindness who all get down to the same music. Anyone who’s been to a rave and has experienced pure PLUR knows exactly what I’m talking about. The most important feature of these experiences at festivals is freedom of self expression and confidence, which at least for me, is manifested through festival fashion. 


So You Wanna Be A Rave Babe: 

Searching for an outfit for a festival involves so many mixed emotions. First off excitement, cause hello there are no limitations to what you can wear. You could literally walk around with pasties and a thong and no one would care! But we also have stress toying with our excitement. Although there are endless possibilities festivals only last for 1-3 days so we can only choose a few outfits but we also want to look super cute and stay true to our own uniqueness.

If any of you struggle with finding festival outfits or are going to your first one this year and need some help, I got you girl! Last weekend I went to Hard Summer in Fontana, CA and I’m going to walk you through the process that I used to style my own festival outfits. And to make things even easier, I’m also going to link some super cute pieces from Sweetpea Culture Co. that will make your inner rave babe shine with confidence!


Hunting For Your Festival Style: 

First off before getting into the process of choosing a bomb ass outfit for a festival, it’s important to keep in mind the location (such as indoors or outdoors venue) and the temperature of the event.

Let me tell you guys, Hard Summer was fucking hot and I was extremely grateful for wearing basically a bikini for both days. So just a little bit of advice before we dive in, if the festival you are going to is in a hotter area don’t be afraid to get something a little bit more showy if you’re comfortable with it. (And also a little disclaimer: in no way do you have to dress this way to go to these sorts of festivals. Rave culture is non-judgmental and so accepting so do you babe but I do hope some of these suggestions help!)

To help brainstorm for festival outfits the best resource to use are current summer trends. Luckily we are in the middle of festival season, which means we are blessed with endless inspo from Coachella and EDC. And I have to say ya’ll, I’m pretty obsessed with all the festival trends right now.

This season Instagram and rave clothing websites (like IHeartRaves and Rave Wonderland) are adorned with neon, animal print, tie dye, checkered, cowgirl, stars, and (my personal favorite) reflective styles. Mixing up some of these styles will give you a banging outfit or you can do what I did and pick one of these styles and make it your own. Because I already bought a white mesh kimono with sparkly silver and gold stars all over it from IHeartRaves for Countdown NYE (btw

I never got to wear it because it was cold af, that’s why it’s important to keep temperature and location in mind) I decided to center my Day 1 outfit around stars.

Another word of advice when putting together an outfit, is if you have a specific piece of clothing or jewelry you’ve been dying to wear center your outfit around it. To keep with the star theme I was in search of the perfect top and came across the Celestina Strom Backroads star bra top from DollsKill. It was the most frustrating top to put on (it’s like the rubix cube of tops), but once you get past the anger and calm yourself to tie the endless amounts of string it’s such a dope top.

I wanted to keep this look really clean and not too busy so I kept it simple by pairing the top with the J. Valentine All Tied Up Thong bottoms in white from IHeartRaves, white fishnet socks from Amazon, and white Fila Disruptor II Premium shoes. To tie the whole look together I accessorized with Miss Behaved Dual-Strap Faux Leather O-Ring leg garter in white from Rave Wonderland, Missgrace Dark Chunky Silver Chain choker from Amazon, chest gems from Earthbound Trading Co, and of course sooo much glitter.

To add a pop of color I added neon colored hair extensions and if any of you guys are french braid impaired like me bubble braids are simple yet so unique looking for another alternative. 


Hard Summer Day 1 was insane. Walking around seeing everyone being so friendly and vibing with each other was such a positive experience and seeing Excision B2B with Nghtmre was so freaking wild. Day 2 delivered even more memorizing sets and I saw my favorite DJ Graves perform while wearing the cutest two piece set and probably my favorite look. The last tidbit I have for you guys before hunting for your outfit is to look for any themes or color schemes attached to the festival you’re going to. Hard Summer advertised neon colors like green, purple, blue, and pink on their promos so I incorporated those colors into my hair with clip in extensions and in my Day 2 outfit.

When I was looking for a second outfit for Hard Summer I found the set Liquid Tripp Sporty crop top and booty shorts from IHeartRaves and I fell in love because I am so about colorful things. And guys sets are such an added bonus to an outfit, not only does it make your outfit look cohesive but it also makes it super easy to put an outfit together. The Liquid Tripp set is extremely colorful and eye-catching with such a sick pattern, needless to say, I didn’t think twice before sending it straight to the cart and apple paying that shit.

To give the outfit a little bit more of that extraness that is me, I combined it with baby pink wide diamond fishnets from Amazon, the Daisy Daze O-Ring choker from DollsKill, combat boots, and sporty spice space buns. It was the most comfortable and effortless outfit. 

Bomb ass Looks For Your Next Festival:

Now that you babes have the guideline to finding an outfit for this festival season it’s time to find the fit and Sweetpea Culture Co. has got you covered. If you want to recreate something similar to my starry outfit, the Chelsea Cutout Bikini in white 

with the My Moon and Stars Necklace

would make such a cute outfit with white wide diamond fishnets, silver and gold confetti stars eye-lash glued to your chest and face as freckles, a silver holographic fanny pack, white platform sneakers, and you guessed it a shit ton of gold glitter.

Sweet Pea Culture Co. also has the cutest sets from neon, to animal print, to checkered. I am beyond in love with the Jungle Jane Bandeau Bikini Set

and it could be turned into such a badass outfit with combat boots, and a black faux leather leg harness like the Obedient Nymph O-Ring harness from Dollskill.

Another badass set that slays is That’s Hot Checkered Two piece set that features a red bralette and biker shorts with a checkered trim.

Trust me when I say you can never go wrong with wearing biker shorts. They literally look good on anyone and hug all the right spots. This set with the black Technopaga boots from Dollskill, with straight middle parted sleek hair and black and red clips would be such a look. Embrace your uniqueness and confidence in the Leopardtini Bikini Set, which features two of the hottest trends right now: neon and animal print.

When I saw this set I immediately envisioned it with a silver chain belt, white Nike Airforce ones with black fishnet socks, bubble braids & glitter roots, and silver face gems. Whatever you babes decide to wear, I hope you radiate with confidence, self love, happiness, and don’t EVER forget the glitter. 



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