Hey Fall, I See You. 🍂🍁

Hey Fall, I See You. 🍂🍁
Welcome back babes!

It’s almost the end of summer and that means it’s almost time for pumpkin everything! I honestly can’t contain my excitement (imma hoe for some pumpkin pie lol).

For the past few weeks I’ve been making my gluten free pumpkin muffins and I just stocked up on all things pumpkin from Bath and Body works. By the way, if you want to smell something equivalent to what I would imagine fall smells like in heaven you need to get your hands on white pumpkin. You won’t be disappointed, trust. Not only do I love fall for its aromatics and warm/comforting food, but for the cooler weather providing the best opportunity to dress cozy and still look fashionable. And let me tell you guys, even though it’s about to get a little cooler, the upcoming trends for fall are giving us such powerful statement pieces that you need to add to your wardrobe.

Some pieces will also come out of retirement as well with Doc Martens projecting to be the biggest staple item this fall or any combat shoe (cause holy shit are those expensive). If any of you are coming from my first post on summer festival fashion (Be Bold For Festival Season), there’s also a few trend repeats from summer that we will be seeing everywhere during fall and honestly I ain’t even mad at it. 

Let Your Wild Side Out:
One huge trend following us from summer are animal prints: leopard, cheetah, snake skin, and cow to name a few. Whether the occasion calls for going out dancing or grabbing a coffee, if you’re looking for something bold animal print makes an outfit with just simple denim jeans instantly makes it look fashionable. And I think it’s a proven fact that when you wear animal print (cheetah for me) you instantly feel even more confident and like the badass sexy woman that you are.


Just imagine it, a long flowy silk leopard skirt paired with docs and just a simple black bodysuit and accessories, if that doesn’t say I’m a bad mf I don’t know what does. Animal print tops, skirts, boots, purses are going to be the statement pieces to invest in this upcoming fall season. 

A Cher Moment: 
Did any other 90’s babies what the shit out of Clueless while growing up? Honestly I still do and my favorite part besides Tai’s makeover is the style inspiration from Cher’s wardrobe.

We can all live a Cher moment this fall because Plaid is going to be everywhere this season. And the best plaid statements this fall will be two piece sets like Cher’s yellow plaid blazer and mini skirt similar to this tweed blazer...

Green, Green, Green:
The new green trend is probably one of my top favorites because as a redhead its a known fact that green is our color. During summer I was living for all the bright neon green and now with the temperature dropping Pistachio green is going to be a new favorite for fall. Guys this color is gorgeous and believe me when I say that it’s such a universal earthy tone that it will look stunning on anyone! 
A Little Romance:
Ruffles, Lace, and bows. These were all trends that I thought were left back in high school and thought I would never see again. Ya girl was a girly girl but could never get into the ruffles. However, I was shocked when I saw the ruffles being sported on the runways for fall because the contemporary twist on an outdated design radiates such elegance. Now I’m seeing the cutest flowy skirts with subtle ruffles on the bottoms and they are giving me such romantic vibes. Long maxi skirts and dresses are also making a come back this fall and they are giving us all the flirty vibes.  If you guys ever have trouble figuring out what to wear for a date these new trends will change everything.
Well vegan leather of course. I am so excited for this trend because I’m always looking for a reason to dress up like a bad bitch and what says bad bitch better than wearing a leather jacket, with black boots, black pants, and a plunging black bodysuit? The only thing different about the leather trend for this year is wearing leather head to toe. What a freaking fire outfit to wear out with the girls!!
Cozy Up:
If any of you are from Southern California like me, then you share my pain with this heat. You also share the painful realization that things are not going to cool down until around November. Which makes me so sad because what says fall more than a long tan coat or a furry coat. These long trench coat’s are going to be a huge statement piece this fall and if you live in an area where it’s actually going to be fall please live out this trend for me. 


Happy fall babes! 
Let’s live out these last few days of summer to the fullest by spending it at the beach and by the pool with our friends and family. And then set the mood for fall by burning all the pumpkin candles you can get your hands on and embrace it with open arms wearing the most badass outfits ever. 

Until next time,

Xoxo Bree

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