Our Story

Welcome to Wilder and Soul!

Established in 2018, our boho boutique is a passion project born from a desire for balance and creative expression. As a stay-at-home mom, I founded the boutique to merge my love for fashion with the precious moments spent with my children. 

With a background in fashion design, I embarked on this journey to bring unique, bohemian-inspired designs to life. Committed to family values, our boutique thrives on the principle of creating meaningful connections through style. 

Additionally, our commitment extends to supporting veterans, as my husband, a proud veteran, plays an integral role in our shared vision. At our core, we cherish the values of family and togetherness, and it reflects in every design. With a veteran husband adding a special touch to our commitment, and my mom's steadfast support, our boutique is a tribute to the strength found in familial bonds and creative endeavors.

Welcome to a space, where family, fashion, and freedom converge in beautifully curated collections.

We are so excited to have you join our Wilder and Soul Fam! 


Beth, Jay, + Mirna aka mom <3